Adventure Numero Uno

I’ve been reading about how stressful and agonizing writing your first blog post will be. Coming up with the perfect content, making sure your photos are eye-catching, picking a title that will pop! But I’m not worried about any of that today.

dsc_3270-lThis idea has been in my mind for so long, I can’t even remember when I started thinking seriously about it. I am not unique in wanting to start a food and travel blog, but food and travel are equally important to me and my experiences with both have shaped the person I am today.

To the right, you will see myself, and the love of my life on our wedding day. I can’t talk about adventures or things I’m passionate about without  focusing on this day. This was the beginning of the ultimate adventure for both of us. Ever since we met, food and cooking together has been a great source of happiness for us. Joel didn’t cook much before me, and I was used to making meals for one, so when we got together we really changed the way we ate and interacted with food.

Traveling wasn’t new for us, as we had many different adventures while Joel lived in Germany for a year after he graduated from Indiana University. We have a little collection of flags that he collected from different countries while he was in Europe and there are around 20 flags in there now. But we weren’t thinking about the past on this day, we had big plans ahead. I had already been accepted to graduate school at the University of Colorado and we were all set to move two weeks after our wedding day. I went from planning a wedding to planning a cross-country move. Did I mention that neither of us had jobs lined up?

Talk. About. A. Whirlwind.

But that is another post entirely, because that was the farthest thing from our minds on this day. On THIS day, all we cared about was being on a wedding adventure with our family and our friends.

We got married on May 31, 2014. It was a Saturday and it was hotter than hell outside. In many of our pictures I look a bit pink, but you just don’t think about putting sunscreen on your shoulders on your wedding day. We got married outside at The Stables, a beautiful wedding venue and farm in Bloomington, IN.

Some people I know have told me that they were nervous on their wedding day, that they worried about things going wrong, or they were afraid a family member would do something embarrassing. I did not have any of those worries or fears.

Everything about being with Joel is comfortable and feels right. I didn’t fall in love with him right away (I don’t really believe in love at first sight), but it has always seemed like I’ve known him for much longer than I really have. We just totally and completely understand each other, which is what made me so eager to start this next chapter of our lives in Colorado.


He saw me before the wedding and despite objections from a few people, it was just the right thing to do. It just put us at ease; we could laugh together and talk before the ceremony, mentally prepare for everything and just enjoy being with one another for a few moments alone before everything else happened.

Our ceremony lasted all of about 20 minutes, and then it was party time.

Again, it was the end of May, outdoors, and HOT. So needless to say, many of our guests (and Joel) were absolutely covered in sweat stains by the end of the reception. Everyone was also covered in beer and wine from dancing so freaking hard.

After the wedding was over, we got our closest friends together and relived our IU glory days at some of the bars in Bloomington. No bar will ever compare to Nick’s English Hut and sink the biz. Look it up.

Everything went by so fast and many moments are hard to remember (not just because of the beer). Weddings are chaotic but they are also filled with love, laughter, friends, family, and hope for the future. That is EXACTLY what our wedding was. It was the beginning of this larger life adventure that we’re still at the start of two years later. We’ve done so many things in those two years and we have huge plans for the future.

I hope that this blog can inspire you the way this man and the promise of an eventful life has inspired me. I’m ready to finally get this going and start spending time doing things I really love, because those are the memories I’ll try to recall years and years down the road when money and stuff don’t matter anymore.

Thank you so much for embarking on this journey with me and for reading about the adventure that encouraged it all.




2 thoughts on “Adventure Numero Uno

  1. Hey Madeline, I liked your blog a lot. That was a beautiful day, except for the heat. And marriage is a journey just like life itself. I’m glad you have a good man to share your life with. Like someone once said life is a journey, but it’s not so much where you go , it’s how you get there. And what you experience along the way. I think you and Joel are off to a great start!

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